Institutional Clients

With over 30 years of experience, KMEFIC offers innovative investment products and financial services and is a key institutional asset manager in Kuwait and the Middle East.

As an institutional investor, you can always rely on KMEFIC as a financial services provider and advisor to maximize the value of your assets.

At KMEFIC we offer our institutional clients the benefit of a regional network, product expertise and in-depth knowledge of the local markets in which we operate. We have a comprehensive range of corporate and asset management services in the countries that KMEFIC is active in. This regional reach, combined with our focus on building long-standing relationships with our clients allows us to customize solutions that meet all corporate and asset management needs.
Institutional clients represent an important component of KMEFIC’s client base. The Institutional Investor offerings encompass a wide range of products including Brokerage, Asset Management, Market MakingResearch, Corporate Finance and e-Business.





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