Our activities are supported by strong research capabilities through a division that tracks the regional economic activities along with key industry sectors and companies therein. Research provides buy-side regional coverage for the executive management and fund managers and sell-side research for clients and investors, as well as company credit ratings.

KMEFIC’s Research team utilizes academic and practical knowledge in economics, finance and quantitative methodology in order to provide reports that support investment decisions.  The team monitors global, regional, and local markets behavior to question the fundamental variables which affects current market condition.  They produce three main types of reports, namely Equity Research, Stock Markets Research and Macroeconomic Research.

Equity Research team provides clients with valuation, forecasting and modeling analysis for companies and corresponding sectors. Equity Research team analysts are meticulous about understanding businesses and investments.

Stock Markets Research team produces daily reports reflecting markets key performance indicators along with statistics, hence providing the reader with a package of information needed in order to follow developments and trends in the region of stock markets. 

Macroeconomic Research team provides analysis of the regional countries and their capital markets to present a proficient selection of investment strategies.  Studying the degree of effectiveness assigned by economic variables in financial markets provides our team with the ability to forecast both markets and sectors performance using econometrics and professional quantitative techniques. 

Conducting our Research in a well-balanced and cooperated manner enables KMEFIC investment policy leaders to utilize these three types and other customized reports to make efficient asset allocation decisions. We strongly believe that our investment philosophy and the research process give us a better chance of producing superior investments returns.





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