Online Trading

KMEFIC was the first in the region to launch the online trading platform in 2002, KMEFIC offered DMA (Direct Market Access) to major Middle East capital markets through its FIX HUB  which was implemented back in 2005, as the first FIX gateway to Kuwait Stock Exchange and GCC markets at once FIX HUB service is provided to B2B clients thereby facilitating connectivity and eliminating trading constraints.

The Active connections now include the market of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Oman in addition to U.S markets. We continue to strive to offer trading on as many markets as possible in the MENA.

KMEFIC FIX HUB is a service offered by KMEFIC to institutional clients providing access to our multi-regional electronic trading platform through one FIX 4.x connection. KMEFIC’s first locally based electronic trading system features availability, speed and superior support.  

KMEFIC is connected to several international order routing networks such as REUTERS R.O.R. Currently, KMEFIC is one of the few companies certified to accept orders from those networks. KMEFIC provides cash settlements, corporate actions and all custody related services for its clients.

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