Online Trading

KMEFIC Financial Brokerage Division, is one of the largest fully integrated service providers that offers an electronic trading platforms to institutions, professional traders and Retail clients accessing a wide variety of financial instruments including (stocks & derivatives) in local and international financial markets, as well offering sell side trading services to its sophisticated clients.

Our Team

Is a key resource for market traders seeking high standard of efficient execution from industry professionals on the front lines of today’s fast moving markets.

Our Services

  • Electronic Trading Platforms
  • Sell Side Trading Services
  • Custody Services
  • Operations (Corporate Actions, Settlement, Clearance, Record Maintenance, Regulatory Compliance, Accounting & IT Support)
  • Call Center & Trading Desk Support Services (additional cost).
  • EoD Reporting For Business Management & Intelligence (additional cost).

Platform Features

  1. Optimize your trading speed.
  2. Through our award-winning platforms you can access multi financial markets and different type of asset classes such:
    • Equities
    • Exchange Tradable Funds (ETFs)
    • Derivatives (Options)
  3. Access your account and trade efficiently.
  4. Instant access to our trading platforms anywhere and anytime through:
    • AWSAT web application
    • AWSAT mobile application
  5. Convenient Withdrawals.
  6. Withdraw your money instantly through our available payment system:
    • In flexible way
    • Instantly, use your cash to trade no need to wait for settlement
    • Choose your base currency from 6 available currencies
    • Secured
  7. Live Support.
  8. We are here for you all the 7 days when markets are open. Choose the way you want to interact with our service center:
    • Trading desk access
    • Trading desk access
    • Customer service
    • Account opening support

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