Al Huda Islamic Fund

To obtain high return through investing in certain  Kuwaiti companies listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange whose activities or dealings does not conflict with the regulations and controls of the Islamic Sharia, in accordance with the instructions of the External Sharia Auditor.

FUND SUMMARY:          

Fund manager
Kuwait & Middle East Financial Investment Company

Fund Name
Al-Huda Islamic Fund

Country of domicile

Fund Currency

Fund type
Open ended fund

Unit par value
KD 1/-

Fund capital
Fund capital is variable with a minimum of KD 5,000,000 (Five million Kuwaiti Dinars)and a maximum of KD 50,000,000 (Fifty million Kuwaiti Dinars).

Date of Inception
22 June 2002

Fund Duration
18 years (from the date of inception)

NAV disclosure

Kuwait Clearing Company

BDO Alnusif & Co

Dividend Distribution

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